Vita Brevis Ars Longa


Dear all, ladies and gentlemen,

The Museum of the History of Medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw extends a warm invitation to the opening of the exhibition titled: “VITA BREVIS ARS LONGA…” The event will take place on 12th December (Monday) at 10 a.m. in the Library and Information Centre, specifically in the Temporary Exhibitions Gallery on the first floor.

This exhibition focuses on the pinnacle of ancient Greek medicine. At its heart lies Hippocrates and his enduring legacy, alongside the ancient gods of Greek medicine. The exhibition’s title, “VITA BREVIS ARS LONGA…,” is the Latin rendition of Hippocrates’ maxim, which translates to “Life is short, art is long…” This saying emphasises that a single lifetime is insufficient to master the art of medicine, requiring the collective efforts of many generations.

We look forward to your presence at the opening of this exhibition, where you can delve into the rich world of ancient Greek medicine.