Long Night of Museums 2023 at the WUM Museum of the History of Medicine

“Discover the Enigmas of the Dentist’s and Pharmacist’s Workshop”

On the evening of 13th May 2023, the WUM Museum of the History of Medicine hosted the Long Night of Museums, which commenced at 7 p.m. and concluded at 1 a.m.

Numerous visitors got a chance to explore temporary and permanent exhibitions:


  1. “Vita Brevis Ars Longa”
  2. “200 Years of Medical Education in Warsaw”
  3. The History of the Faculty of Pharmacy
  4. The History of the Faculty of Dentistry
  5. The History of Transplantation Medicine in Poland
  6. The mesmerizing “Anatomical Theatre” – a multimedia show featuring cutting-edge 3D technology, expertly curated with the invaluable contribution of WUM students.

Among most popular activities were the following workshops.

The “Dental Prevention” workshop, organized in collaboration with the Polish Dental Students’ Society (PTSS), featured the following informative activities:

(a) An educational stand hosted by the Polish Dental Students’ Society, which provided guidance on proper tooth brushing techniques.
(b) A free dental check-up administered by students from the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.
(c) An interactive stand titled “Drilling in Teeth – Yesterday and Today,” which offered insights into the evolution of dental techniques.

Additionally, the “Practical Pharmacy” workshop, facilitated by the Polish Society of Pharmacy Students (PTSF), offered visitors the opportunity to:

  • Create their own ointments or creams.
  • Observe various specimens through microscopes, including parasites and botanical samples.
  • Participate in a board game centred around pharmaceutical care.

The “Health under Control” stands, hosted by IFMSA students, provided a range of activities, such as:

  • Registration as potential donors for bone marrow and blood stem cells in the DKMS database.
  • Sugar level testing and blood pressure measurement.
  • Assessment of body composition and weight.
  • Spirometry sessions
  • Hands-on training with laparoscopic surgery equipment.

Furthermore, the Poltransplant expert stand titled “Transplantations” offered insights in the field of organ transplantation.

Throughout the Long Night of Museums, visitors were could take part in lectures by esteemed professionals, including:

  • “Wisdom Tooth” by Dr. Marcin Aluchna.
  • “The Beginnings of Pharmacy Education in Warsaw, 1809-1879” by Dr. Maria Turos.
  • “Facts and Myths about Marrow Donation” by Poltransplant representative, Klaudia Nestorowicz-Kałużna.
  • “About Organ Transplantation” by Teresa Danek.

Additionally, attendees had the opportunity to win museum t-shirts and mugs.