200 Years of Medical Education in Warsaw


Dear Sir/Madam,

We kindly invite you to attend our latest exhibition titled “200 Years of Medical Education in Warsaw,” a collaborative effort between the Office of Communication and Promotion. This exhibition will be held at the Teaching Centre, located on the first floor at 2a Ks. Trojdena Street, starting from 5th October 2022.

This exhibition provides a profound exploration of the historical evolution of medical education in Warsaw since its inception in 1809 with the establishment of the Academic Department of Medicine. Later the establishing of Medical Department within the Royal University of Warsaw, the Medical and Surgical Academy, the Medical Department under the Main School, the Russian-language Imperial University of Warsaw, and the subsequent revival of the Polish-language University of Warsaw. Moreover, the exhibition sheds light on the arduous narrative of clandestine medical education during the period of World War II, as well as the post-war reestablishment of the Medical Department. Additionally, it delves into the transformative journey of the Medical Department at the University of Warsaw, attaining the status of an independent Medical Academy, and culminates with its renaming as the Warsaw Medical University.

To bring these historical accounts to life, the exhibition showcases a curated selection of visual materials from the archives of the Museum of the History of Medicine at the Warsaw Medical University. Furthermore, the exhibition benefits from contributions from the Archives of Ancient Acts, the National Museum in Warsaw, the National Digital Archives, and contemporary photographs to depict the modern facets of medicine by the Office of Communication and Promotion at WUM. Furthermore, the exhibition features original medals, documents, and photographs which are a heritage of our Alma Mater.