Professor Dr. Hab. Witold Janusz Rudowski, MD (1918 – 2001)

On 3 December 2018, in the reading room of the Main Library of the Medical University of Warsaw, an exhibition was opened entitled: ‘Surgeon and Soldier of the Home Army (AK), or the reminiscences of the extraordinary life of Professor Dr. Hab. Witold Janusz Rudowski, MD (1918 – 2001), recipient of an honorary degree from the Medical Academy of Warsaw (1978) on the centenary of his birth’.

Visitors will be able to learn about the Professor’s interesting biography and also see, among other things, part of an interesting collection of medals belonging to Prof. Witold Janusz Rudowski, which are on loan to the museum. The medals were awarded to Professor Rudowski in recognition of his professional achievements. The names of many outstanding Polish and foreign doctors appear on them: Józef Struś, Tytus Chałubiński, Karol Marcinkowski, Ludwik Rydygier, Louis Pasteur, as well as the names of universities and medical societies.