About Museum

The Museum of the History of Medicine was established on the initiative of the Rector of the Medical University, Professor Marek Krawczyk, MD, based on a statute confirmed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. It is the first and only such institution of its kind in Warsaw that is readily available to its residents. It meets the expectations of several generations of doctors, and also the requirements of the general public. It is located on the vibrant campus of the  Medical University of Warsaw (WUM) on Zwirki and Wigury Street, in the Library and Information Centre building.

The museum amasses, compiles and makes accessible collections from donations, purchases and loans. These include, among other things: manuscripts, old books, medical instruments, archival documents, iconography, documents about social life, recordings and films. On the first floor, in the Gallery of Temporary Exhibitions, there are displays about the history of medicine, as well as other areas of culture and the arts. In the rooms on the ground floor of the Library and Information Centre, work is currently underway on a permanent exhibition. The museum also prepares regular lectures on various fields of science and exhibitions as part of the ‘Long Night of Museums’.