Virtual exhibition “Famous pathologists throughout history”

We cordially invite you to the virtual exhibition entitled: “Famous pathologists throughout history – from the eighteenth to the twentieth century”. On 23  museum boards, we present the profiles of famous pathologists – both Polish and foreign ones, whose achievements significantly contributed to the development of medicine in the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries. We have dedicated one board to each of them. Some of the people featured here are characters most of us know little about, or have probably never heard of. Therefore, we will briefly look at their achievements, identify their contribution to medical practice and try to show the context of their discoveries. We hope you will like this form of presenting the profiles of people whose discoveries and research have changed both world and Polish medicine forever.

The exhibition design was prepared by the Museum of the History of Medicine of the Medical University of Warsaw. The graphic design was prepared by Katarzyna Ośko in cooperation with Piotr Berezowski.